Why a Lèse-Majesté Blog?

130,000 years ago the first jewel bore the Neanderthal mark. The oldest adornment in the world was made with eagle claws.
A blog to share without pretension, for the pleasure of learning and relearning. I wanted to tell stories and History in an anachronistic, disorderly, sometimes anecdotal way. It is also a way for me to relive precious moments of sharing with my mother during my childhood. She lured us with a few diamonds to better tell us the story!
The jewel, whatever its form or its value, material, sentimental, historical, is and will remain The witness. Since the origin of man, it has been linked to different cultures, eras, habits and customs, to history and much more.
Unlimited spectrum.
The jewel is the silent guardian of the history of our civilizations, our loves and our life.

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