Who am I ?

With a life that could fill at least 18 volumes of a hectic, sometimes dramatic but above all wonderful saga, I naturally wanted to tell it. To do so, I decided to rebuild, to reclaim the kingdom of my childhood with objects rather than words.

Lèse-Majesté, a name that translates quite well my experience, the history of my family. It is both noble and insolent , classic and rock . It is full of promises and surprises!

I like to think that there is beauty in everything: places, souls, perfection in imperfection, the song of a bird, a puddle, a gesture... Just look, d to hear, to touch, to smell, to taste… Simply to live! It was my mother who instilled this in me. My very particular biography would have for true synthesis: “It is not the price which defines the value of something ..... or of someone”.
This is why each accessory, each object that I choose is a favourite, which appeals to me and attracts me. I choose them as I would for myself. My desire? Share the dream or real universes in which I travel, with products that I really like; simple, different and sometimes surprising like pretty encounters.