EMOTION - acceptance and affective healing

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overcome emotional blockages.

The Emotion kit helps to overcome blockages and move forward by accepting your emotions. It gently soothes buried heart wounds. It improves self-confidence by reducing stress and anxiety.

Rhodochrosite – Peru
Stone connected to feelings, it allows to bring up buried emotional wounds to treat them gently.
It helps to accept one's emotions, to overcome one's blockages and improves self-confidence.
Amazonite – Namibia
Stone with soothing properties, it allows better management of emotions.
It acts on stress and anxieties to bring serenity and balance to everyday life.
Zebra Jasper –Brazil
Stone of protection, it cleans the accumulated negative energies and brings strength and optimism to face the difficulties of life.
It helps to move forward with determination.

Composition of the kit: three stones, a storage pouch and a user guide.

Each stone being unique, its weight, shape and color may vary.

NB: the use of stones and crystals should not replace medical advice or treatment.