NIGHT - sleep and rest of the spirit

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soothe the mind to find a peaceful sleep.

The Night kit helps to find a peaceful sleep by soothing the body and the mind. It reduces insomnia, nightmares and improves the quality of sleep.

Amethyst –Malawi
Stone of sleep par excellence, it calms the mind, acts on stress and helps fight against insomnia.
pink quartz - South Africa
A soft and reassuring stone, it helps the spirit to face the difficulties of life.
Combined with amethyst, it is the perfect association against nightmares.
Hematite – Brazil
A protective stone, it promotes restful sleep by helping the body to free itself from tension and dissipating bad energy.

Composition of the kit: three stones, a storage pouch and a user guide.

Each stone being unique, its weight, shape and color may vary.

NB: the use of stones and crystals should not replace medical advice or treatment.