PROTECTION - positive energy and grounding

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protect yourself from negative energies.

The Protection Kit acts as a shield against all sources of negative energy. It protects the body and mind by transforming negativity into positive energy and thus brings well-being and serenity.

Tourmaline – Brazil
Stone of protection par excellence, it eliminates surrounding negative energies.
It acts as a powerful shield against all sources of negativity.
Labradorite – Madagascar
Stone with a regenerating action, it protects the mind from exhaustion.
It helps transform one's own negativity into creative and empowering energy.
Rock crystal –Brazil
Stone of inner balance, it helps to harmonize body and mind.
It brings serenity and well-being to its wearer by acting as an amplifier of benevolent energies.

Composition of the kit: three stones, a storage pouch and a user guide.

NB: the use of stones and crystals should not replace medical advice or treatment.